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      How can I return my order from ILLARISOUVENIRS.PE?
      You must start a return through our consumer service channel via WhatsApp (+51 920121602) to provide you with all the shipping information.

      The order must be sent with all the labels and in the delivered packaging, otherwise additional costs will be incurred.

      How long do I have to return my ILLARISOUVENIRS.PE order?
      Returns must be requested within 7 calendar days from receipt. In case the garment is personalized (with some type of embroidery), no type of change or refund of money will be made.

      IMPORTANT: * ILLARI SOUVENIRS is not responsible for the return costs (transport, insurance, packaging, etc.).

      Can I change my ILLARISOUVENIRS.PE order?
      Yes, only in garments that are not in optimal condition (scratches, loose seams, dirty, worn)

      However, we do not accept the return of the garment for a size change. Please check your correct size on each garment.

      * Valid only for Peru and that is not a personalized garment.
      * If the order is for another country other than Peru, the customer must pay the return costs (transportation, insurance, packaging, etc.) cost and shipping of the new order.

      How do I return a product that is defective or faulty?
      We take responsibility for all our garments and accessories. If your product has defects or failures, please contact the WhatsApp number (+51 920121602) to fix it as soon as possible. 

      * ILLARI SOUVENIRS will pay the costs (transportation, insurance, packaging, etc.) of returning the product and will proceed with the refund of the amount paid.

      How can I return a purchase made in an ILLARI SOUVENIRS store?
      Purchases made at a retail store for ILLARI SOUVENIRS products must be returned to the store. Please note that our store return policies may differ from our online return policies. Make sure to check with the store if you have questions about their policies.

      Can I return a personalized garment? 

      A personalized garment cannot be returned. Personalized garments being the customer's choice, there is no option to refund or return the garment.